Pamela Reed Stars At Seattle’s ACT Theatre [Interview]

The first time I ever saw Pamela Reed in person, was as she strolled Southcenter Mall with her husband, about 6 months ago. What did this professional broadcaster do? I yelled, “YOU ARE A GREAT AMERICAN ACTRESS!”

This is not the first time this has happened to me, just ask Jamie Moyer and singer Joan Osborne. (YOU ARE A GREAT SEATTLE PITCHER! and I’M THE ONE WHO ANSWERED THE PHONE WHEN YOU CALLED THE RADIO STATION!)

It was all I could do to not yell in the face of The Great American Actress Pamela Reed, when we met formally at Seattle’s ACT Theatre, to talk about her current play and her fabulous career.

In Other Desert Cities, she plays the strong-willed and right-wing mother to Marya Sea Kaminski’s left-wing daughter with a family secret and a tell-all book.

Our candid chat lead to a great story about falling in love with movie-making, after not liking her experience on Melvin and Howard. Listen in to this heart-felt reminiscence of David Carradine on the set of The Long Riders.


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