Dave Stewart and Stevie Nicks Michael BucknerGetty  Images Entertainment

Dave Stewart and Stevie Nicks
Michael Buckner Getty Images Entertainment

Playing one night only, April 2nd, in theaters around the country, “In Your Dreams” – The Stevie Nicks documentary, about the making of Stevie’s latest album of the same name, In Your Dreams…

The man behind the album, musician and music producer, solo-artist, and co-member of the Eurthymics, Dave Stewart, talked about working with Stevie on both the film and the album and, about strong women rockers, (Annie Lennox, and now Stevie Nicks). “I’ve worked with many artists, Bono, Brian Ferry, Mick Jagger, but there’s always been a constant association with strong female vocalists.”

About the film: “It goes in and out of reality, manifesting what goes on in Stevie’s mind.” Dave said that the more they taped, the more Stevie got into it, and soon owls, white horses and lots of lights appeared on the set. “It’s a movie for Stevie Fans, about the inside world that Stevie inhabits, and the inside of her big beautiful house.”  We learn in “Dreams” that her world features costume parties, elaborate dinner feasts, fantasy creations and revealing songwriting and recording sessions, all of which are captured on film. The film is whimsical and full of fantasy, Dave even participates as a top-hat wearing tap dancer. 

Actress Reese Witherspoon shows up in the film, too, and some magic happened: “Yes,” says Stewart, “She invited Stevie to stay at her condo in Nashville, and Stevie replied well, ‘that would be cheap’, Reese then said, ‘nothing’s cheaper than free.’”From there, Stevie and Dave wrote, sang, and  recorded ‘Cheaper Than Free’ together, and put the very lovely song on both their albums.

Stewart has had a rich career as a songwriter and producer for big name rockers, and for Tom Petty,  he co-wrote Don’t Come Around Here No More. “I was actually writing it for Stevie, and Tom said he wanted to finish writing it with me, and for his album.” And so it was.

Rock’s biggest names have come out of England – The Beatles, Stones, Led Zeppelin, and yes, The Eurythmics. I asked Dave Stewart what was in the water over there. “It’s very dark and cold and rainy over there, we have to make our own amusement, plug in our guitars in our garages… a lot like Seattle, right?” Absolutely, Dave.

Before we parted, Mr. Stewart reflected on Ms. Nicks a bit more, saying she’s the most hard-working and focused artist, while some people make think she’s a space cadet or hippie, but she’s full-on, a whirlwind.

I pointed out that Stevie plays a mean tambourine and Dave said, “Oh she had to, because in Fleetwood Mac, they’d all take turns singing, so Stevie thougt, ‘what am I going to do, stand there?”

Dave Stewart has released two new albums of his own in the past three years – The Ringmaster General and The Blackbird Diaries.

You can hear Dave’s interview with Lee Callahan here:

More about the film and showtimes here:


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