Forbes’ Most HATED Jocks of 2013 (Photos)

Lance Armstrong Named Forbes’ Most Disliked Athlete

Lance Armstrong‘s fall from grace just hit a new low. The cyclist who admitted to decades-long use of performance enhancing drugs has topped “Forbes'” list of Most Disliked Athletes. Only 15 percent of respondents said that Armstrong was an appealing athlete. Despite years of doping suspicions, Armstrong managed to keep a mostly positive public persona through his charitable work until he recently made his confession to Oprah. A very close second on the list was Manti Te’o, the Notre Dame football player who claimed he was the victim of an Internet hoax after finding out his online girlfriend never existed. According to “Forbes,” his likability plummeted from 88 percent appeal to 15 percent nearly overnight.

Other athletes who made the list’s top ten include Kris Humphries, who is famous for his brief marriage to Kim Kardashian, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace. NFL star Michael Vick, who has previously been number one on the Most Disliked list for his dog fighting controversy, has dropped down to number seven.

See all 10 here, and just for sh**ts and giggles, as youngsters:

Full Forbes List Here


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