Congratulations to another one of JACK’s winners! Warren Miller‘s 63rd annual ski film and American Vintage Hard Tea teamed up with JACK this year for an amazing winter flyaway.  Mihaela from Renton scored big winning a trip for two to Sun Valley, Idaho.  Not only does she get to stay at the Sun Valley Resort for three nights but she also gets to hit the slopes for two days!  It doesn’t end there…Alaska Airlines is giving Mihaela two round trip tickets so she can fly in style.  We asked our winner what she plans to do on her winter getaway…along with some other odd questions.

The questions from JACK’s promotional team are in bold, Mihaela’s answers are in regular font, and JACK’s smart-ass digital team’s responses are in reddish orange (depending on your monitor settings).

What do you plan to do on your trip to Sun Valley?

I plan to relax and enjoy the resort.

It’s a shame the relaxing can’t be done with Washington/Colorado rules. Am I right?!

Do you believe in the abominable snowman?

No…I don’t even know what that is…

They are terrifying monsters that will eat your face. Beware.

Tell me about the funniest thing that has happened to you while you were skiing.

I haven’t skied in 25 years and I don’t remember…

Translation: I haven’t skied in 25 years because I fall too much.

What is your favorite snow cone flavor?


Touche. I can’t beat that.

Have you ever made a snow angel…while you were naked?

No…that’s crazy…

What’s crazy is the amount of hilarious content found on! Am I right?!

What is your favorite mid-day beverage at the lodge?

Hot coffee with lots of whip cream

Touche, again. That sounds really good.

If you could hit anyone in the face with a snowball who would it be and why?

I am not a violent person and I will never hit anyone in the face…I do like to have a snowball fight-but not a violent one

Oh, come on, Mihaela! There has to be someone. Taylor Swift? Jimmy Fallon? We’d be best friends.

What is your favorite mountain to ski on and why?

I love Mount Rainier but I never skied there

I love Rainier:

Have you ever got into a fight with the ski patrol?


Mihaela, you are far too nice. I think we should take this prize back.

Would you invite JACK on a ski trip?

If I was single yes but I am married so JACK needs to stay home.

Fair enough.



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