Leave it to the Germans to come up with one word we need several for: Schadenfreude, translated to the English means “Taking pleasure from the misery of others“. Given many of the 12 Army’s feeling toward the Dallas Cowboys and the phenomenal win at the Clink Sunday, we thought you might get a good little chuckle out of this guy:

He was on YouTube just last week raving about how his team, having just beat the defending New York Giants, were Super-Bowl bound!

The Seahawks have this Sunday off.  You’ll have to find something else to do (sometimes when there’s no game I find that there are women living in my house!). This weeks game is on Monday Night Football against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers (5:30 pm our time Monday on ESPN).

Both teams are 1-1, with The Pack having bounced back from their opening loss to San Francisco to beat the Chicago Bears 23-10. This will be their first road game of the season.  Despite having the best record in the history of M.N.F. (17-8), and the enviable advantage of playing at home with the 12th man screaming at 112 decibels (just 18 below the noise of a 747 at takeoff), the ‘Hawks are 3 and-a-half point underdogs. Oh, and be sure to watch for quarterback Russell Wilson’s Levi’s commercial!

-Scott Vanderpool


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