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Monday, September 3rd – Day 3

The Can’t Miss” Local bands: Seapony, Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs, The Pharmacy

seapony Things You Cant Miss On Day 3 Of Bumbershoot


Seapony – 12:00pm @ The Sub Pop Stage
You’ll want to catch Seapony on a small stage while they’re still an up-and-coming Seattle band. The band’s popularity in the past two years has grown at an astonishing rate; they’ve put out three singles and a full-length called Go With Me — a collection of infectious surf-rock guitar licks, hooky melodies and “less is more” indie pop song structures.

gpso9 Things You Cant Miss On Day 3 Of Bumbershoot

Star Anna

Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs – 7:30pm @ The Promenade
So far 2012 has been good to honey-and-gravel voiced local songwriter Star Anna. After the release of her acclaimed third album,Alone In This Together, an appearance at Pearl Jam‘s PJ20 festival, and a two-month US tour, she’s returned to Seattle to focus on writing her next record and making a few, rare live appearances to showcase her new works in progress.

y63ht Things You Cant Miss On Day 3 Of Bumbershoot

The Pharmacy

The Pharmacy – 4:30pm @ The Promenade
The Pharmacy are proof putting a piano in a non-blues-driven rock song is still okay. But the much-traveled Seattle trio is much more than a band that throws in some advanced musical aspects into a basic format. They combine psychedelics of the 60s and 70s with crisp, acoustic arrangements — all with a “lo-fi” agenda.

The “Can’t Miss” National Acts: Passion Pit, The Vaselines

Passion Pit – 9:15pm @ The Tuneln Stage
Often confused for being an underarm deodorant- kidding. Seriously, a spark for a Passion Pit song might be found in the fuzz of a guitar pedal, a stumbled-upon drum loop, layered chimes, or one of the 200 scratch melodies frontman Michael Angelakos has stored in his phone. Whatever the initial point of combustion, the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based band’s compositions burn brightly with lusty sentiments and hum steadily under layers of eclectic, effervescent production.

The Vaselines – 8:30pm @ The Sub Pop Stage
Scotland’s Vaselines are a great band, and Kurt Cobain made sure everyone on the planet knew by regularly praising them and covering their songs throughout Nirvana‘s existence. Sex With an X, 2010’s beautifully executed release for Sub Pop, demonstrated what the famous fans have known all along: they remain vital authors of cerebral punk/pop.

108024016 Things You Cant Miss On Day 3 Of BumbershootThe “Can’t Miss” Exhibit/Display/Presentation Thing: Trivia Night with Ken Jennings (7:00pm @ The Words & Ideas Stage)
Before Seattle native Ken Jennings became a household name, the man was just another software engineer. You remember his amazing run on Jeopardy, right? Seventy-four consecutive wins. Today he is the author of Ken Jennings’ Trivia Almanac and the New York Times bestsellers Maphead and Brainiac. If you make it to the Words & ideas stage by 7:00pm Monday, you may just land a chance to take part in Jennings’  live trivia contest. In honor of the Seattle Center’s anniversary, questions will cover the past half-century of arts, music, and letters. 

The “Can’t Miss Film Feature: The Unexpected (5:30pm @ The 1 Reel Film Festival/SIFF Film Center)

luciferscrewcut 757331 Things You Cant Miss On Day 3 Of Bumbershoot

Lucifer’s Crewcut

Lucifer’s Crewcut
Simply put: This film chronicles the rise and demise of a death metal barbershop quartet. Yes, you read that right. The main characters are four guys not only heavily into barbershop harmonies, they all posses a blood lust for the demon growls of death metal. Watch how they molded a sound and style that influenced some of the greatest rockers of their day.

74012601 Things You Cant Miss On Day 3 Of Bumbershoot

Brian Posehn (Getty Images)

The “Can’t Miss” Comedic/Visual Arts Performance Thing: Brian Posehn (6:15pm @ The Intiman Thetre)
If you’ve never seen a heavy metal ogre do stand-up comedy, now is your chance! The six-foot-something Brian Posehn has been a force in the alternative comic circuit for more than a decade. Posehn’s humor is drier than the Mojave Desert and his delivery is immaculate. You may have recognized him from The Sarah Silverman Show, Californication and as a patient with a sponge stuck in his stomach from a Seinfeld episode.


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