The Hives are readying the Swedish band’s first new album since 2007’s Black And White Hives. Frontman Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist says, “this time, we figured we’d produce it ourselves. In theory it should have been quicker. Turns out it’s not.” Almqvist is relieved the band has finally finished their fifth album. Lex Hives will be in stores June 5th.

Pelle tells NME, “It’s been a terrible couple of years for the band. We’re out of the dark ages now though, but we’ve had a lot of problems. Problems of all kinds. Rock ‘n’ roll kind of problems, but we’re ready to go now.” When asked about the problems and if the band’s lineup had changed Almqvist said, “All the stuff that happens in rock bios, all the things that seem like problems for a band, all that sort of thing. It’s the same band though, now and forever. We had every other problem, but not that one. It’s the same band. We feel really good now, strong, happy and excited.”

The Hives are expected to announce a tour to support of the new album soon. Almqvist elaborated on the band self-producing this album noting, “We had a lot of producers on the last album and it took a long time to get all the schedules to work and actually get in the studio. So this time, we figured we’d produce it ourselves. In theory it should have been quicker. Turns out it’s not. Turns out you suddenly have five producers and everyone has to agree. I don’t know how to make an album fast; I don’t think we ever really did.”

Here’s a look at the first single from Lex Hives. It’s called Go Right Ahead, played live in Sydney, Australia in 2011:

And enjoy these Hives favorites:


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