Alec Baldwin‘s feud with American Airlines expanded in the past few days, and not just because of the skit on Saturday Night Live where he played an airline pilot. He’s now managed to insult Greyhound Bus Lines, the airline flight attendant’s union wants to ban him from flying, and ban 30 Rock from any American Airlines in-flight showings.

After being thrown off an American Airlines flight for refusing to stop playing Words With Friends, Baldwin expanded his war of words last week. He apologized to passengers who had to wait while he was removed from the plane, but blasted the flight attendants and airlines in general. The Daily Beast quotes Alec saying, “They have made flying a Greyhound bus experience.”  Greyhound CEO Dave Leach wasn’t happy about those comments , publicly inviting Alec to take the bus from New York to Boston. If Baldwin likes the trip, Leach says he expects an apology.

Meanwhile the New York Daily News reports “American Airlines flight attendants want the carrier to strike back at angry actor Alec Baldwin by removing the star’s hit NBC show 30 Rock from all in-flight entertainment. The peeved flight attendants, backed by their union, also want Baldwin’s bold-faced name to be added to the carrier’s no-fly list…”

If this keeps up, Alec may need to borrow a bike or walk everywhere.  Here’s Alec’s SNL skit that likely will only fan the flames of the whole mess:

Maybe American saw these rivalry commercials Between Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski:

Alec’s been in controversial situations before:


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