Keith Richards is working hard to make sure a 50th Anniversary Rolling Stones tour happens. So hard he’s been jamming in London with Charlie Watts and Ron Wood, getting their “chops together”. Keith has said he expects Mick Jagger to eventually  drop by the impromptu rehearsals. Now there’s word former Rolling Stones Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor may rejoin the 50th Anniversary line-up.

Spinner asked Richards if he expects Mick Jagger to show up at their London jam sessions and Keith said “of course”. He also extended the invitation for any former Rolling Stones to join saying, “I mean, everybody’s welcome. I was going to ask Bill Wyman to come by too. And Mick Taylor. The whole lot. They’re all Stones, you know? Why not?”

When asked what songs they might play on a 50th Anniversary Tour in 2012 Keith says they might be “playing anything.” He continues,”I can’t tell you. I’m not Nostradamus, my friend. I ain’t telling you anything about that because I know nothing except we’re just going to play.”

In the wide ranging interview, Richards’ chat includes an inside look into the workings of the Stones. Spinner asks Keith about writing Beast of Burden, wondering if it was written as a way to talk about the struggles Richards had with drugs in the ’70s, as sort of an apology to Mick. Keith reveals. “Only to a point, because a lot of the song was written by Mick. I said, ‘This is called ‘Beast of Burden’ and I gave him the first verse. That’s the way we often work. ‘The song goes like this. Hey Mick, take it away.’ And he we would do amazing things with it. I mean, the impetus was from that stuff. but then I wanted Mick to get his input in. That’s the beauty of songwriting.”

So until the London jam sessions reveal more about a possible Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Tour lineup, we’ll just enjoy Mick and the boys past performances:

And a juicy 40 minutes from a concert in Bremen in 1998:


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