Urge Overkill Bassist Calls Live Nirvana ‘Greatest Rock Shows’, Implies Courtney Love May Be The Devil

Urge Overkill bassist Eddie ‘King’ Roeser calls 3 shows opening for Nirvana, “easily among the greatest rock shows I have or will ever see.”  Roeser reveals a few more 20th Anniversary of Nirvana tidbits at the band’s website UrgeOverkill.com, including one that may imply Courtney Love is the devil.

While Eddie isn’t exactly calling Courtney ‘Beelzebub’, he tells the story saying, “Before continuing on to the now infamous Dallas show without us, both bands drove through Stull, Kansas, as they wanted to partake of the legendary haunted crossroads celebrated by our song of the same name…  It was a warm autumn day and Cobain sat down against the huge oak tree by the church and joked ‘if there is a Satan, I want him to come and get me.’  No [expletive deleted] that’s what he said.  Next time I saw him he had married Courtney Love.”

Here’s Courtney Love with Hole:

A bit of Nirvana:

And Urge Overkill live on Late Night in 1993:


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