Lita Ford Calls Eddie Van Halen “The Les Paul of Today’s World”

Lita Ford believes Eddie Van Halen is the “Les Paul of today’s world.”   The Van Halen News Desk reports Ford is quoted in the upcoming hardcover photo book, Eddie Van Halen, by Neil Zlozower. Inside Ford reveals she and Eddie were friends in the early days of both Van Halen and The Runaways.  She says “We all know EVH is the Les Paul of today’s world. We all know Edward changed the face of rock ‘n’ roll. But it’s the person that he truly is that makes him so unique. He is an inspiration to every musician, because we all wanna be him, and some of us try real hard, but the reality of it is that there is only ONE Edward Van Halen!!! PERIOD!”.

Lita credits her friendship with Eddie for changing her life forever, noting, “He was a great inspiration to me. You know how sometimes people say things to you that you carry with you for years, and that change your life forever? I was stuck in a world where not too many people listened to girls playing guitar. I didn’t know what I was capable of doing, especially having been fresh from the Runaways, which was an uphill battle. One day Edward said to me, ‘Lita, you can play guitar, what’s your f**kin’ problem, just DO IT!!!’ Something so simple coming out of the mouth of Edward Van Halen was like an electric charge of energy going through my brain. Suddenly, my life became so clear and simple.”

Here’s footage of Eddie Van Halen and Les Paul from a Les Paul & Friends tribute concert:


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