YAY!  There’s a new Transformers movie coming out!  BOO!  Megan Fox isn’t in it. And because of that last fact, we thought it would be a good time to look back on some of the worst Transformers from our childhood.

Watch out. They’re coming for you.

6. Omega Supreme

Omega Supreme is a controversial Transformer.  I’ve seen him on both best and worst lists.  The worst lists point out that his character in the cartoon was pretty lame, and didn’t really live up to potential.  I had this Transformer, and while it was pretty cool, I only played with it one time because it was so complicated to set up.  Hey, I was eight and very impatient.   So he clocks in at number six on this list for not living up to potential in either realm.  Watch was eight year old me had to go through-

5. Rodimus Prime

Optimus Prime was probably the best Transformer EVER, at least in my opinion.  The fact that his trailer turned into the Autobot command center was awesome.  Unfortunatly, Optimus Prime was replaced as the Autobot leader at some point (because he died or they had to sell more toys or something).  And replacing something great is never easy.  Did you see what happened to the Cleveland Cavaliers after LeBron James left this year?  Yeah, I think the same thing happened to the Autobots when Rodimus Prime took over.  Check out how he was born over some really lame rock-

4. Topspin and Twist Twist, the G1 Jumpstarters

Okay, first off, the names are both pretty lame.  But on top of that, they were both those wind up pop up toys.  You know, the ones that you had to roll on the ground backwards to wind up?  Yeah, those were cool when I was two.  But I wasn’t two anymore- I WAS EIGHT!  So yeah, these ones kinda sucked.


3. Rumble and Frenzy

Yeah, these two were robots that turned into… cassettes.  I personally liked Soundwave (the Decepticon who turned into a boombox) and Buzzsaw and Laserbeak, the cassettes that turned into a puma and hawk.  And if they were the size of an actual cassette, they would be really tiny robots.  They would fit in the palm of your hand.  Who’s gonna be afraid of that?

1. Voltron

Yes, I know Voltron isn’t a Transformer.  You know that Voltron isn’t a Transformer.  But you know who didn’t know that Voltron wasn’t a Transformer?  My Aunt when she brought me a gift for Christmas.  Yeah, and it just never worked as good as a real Transformer either.  I think I may have had a similar problem with GoBots as well.

Who did I miss? Let me know in the comments below.  I want to know… cause I’m more than meets the eye.


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