bbq 8 Ways To Throw An 80s Themed Memorial Day BBQ

Getty Images / Rosie Greenway

Sick and tired of throwing bogus Memorial Day parties? Annoyed when your guests jump the fence to attend your neighbor’s BBQ?

Fret no more! If you want to have the best grill-out on the block, you need to have a one-of-a-kind bash that puts all other shindigs to shame. And since there is only one right way to rig out your backyard to make it the ultimate soiree, we’ll help you prep the perfect 80’s themed BBQ.

8. Invite the “Where’s The Beef” Lady to be your Grillmaster

Burgers, brats, chicken, hot dogs, carne asada… it ain’t no cook-out without MEAT MEAT MEAT. Invite the ol’ bag from the Wendy’s commercial, and we’re positive your guests wont be asking for seconds.

7. Have extras: parachute pants, Jheri curl, and mesh tank tops

Don’t leave your guests in the dust, like duh… everyone who’s anyone wants to bring back 1980’s fashion.

6. Have the Ghostbusters on standby for unwanted Teen Wolves and Thriller Zombies

Who else would you call?

5. Outfit your dance floor with nothing but cardboard

Have you ever tried to break dance on your patio? With all that crabgrass and zoysia, you could use a couple broken down boxes.

4. BYOR – Bring your own Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses

Being caught without them would be RISKY BUSINESS.

3. Provide a soda selection of Tab, 7-Up Gold, and Pepsi AM

And you could be as cool as these guys!

2. Play Jack FM on your ghetto blaster

Shameless plug.

1. When somebody leaves, have them tell the camera what moral they learned today



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