basektaball fight Best Of: NBA Fights

Getty Images/Drew Hallowell

The NBA Playoffs begin this Saturday and around this time of year, the intensity gets turned, way, way up. Things get chippy. Elbows get thrown. Fights ensue. So, let’s take a look at some of the best fights in NBA history. And yes, the irony of having a picture of a Cavs/Wizards game for an article about the playoffs is not lost on me…

5)Game 5 of the 1986 NBA Finals Boston vs Houston
7 ‘4 Ralph Sampson takes on 6’1 Jerry Sichting and gets belly-to-back suplexed for his troubles. A melee ensues…

4) Knicks/Nuggets Brawl December 16, 2006
One hard foul turns into a great little rumble and then? Carmelo Anthony throws a sucker punch and it starts all over again.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

3) Bulls/Knicks 1994 Playoffs
The best part about this brawl that spilled into the crowd? It all happened RIGHT in front of NBA Commissioner David Stern. Nice barnyard wrestling throw by Ron Harper on Jo-Jo English. (Some NSFW language can be overheard in this clip)

2) Knicks/Heat 1998 Playoff’s Van Gundy’s Ride
Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning get into a bit of a scrap but what makes it memorable is when New York Knicks coach Jeff VanGundy decides to intervene.

1) And of course….there can be only one #1 NBA Fight of All Time. The Malice at the Palace. November 19th, 2004 in Detroit. This is the craziest fight you will ever see in professional sports. Make sure you see the haymaker overhand right from Jermaine O’Neal on a Pistons fan at the 2:34 mark.

I dunno about you but uh…..I’m ready for PLAYOFFS!!!!


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