Finalist: Make Jack Laugh Contestant Mighty Carlo

mighty carlo Finalist: Make Jack Laugh Contestant Mighty Carlo

Photo By The Parlor Live Comedy Club

A fresh new batch of comedians, and it’s  Make Jack Laugh contestant Mighty Carlo

After watching his performance, please rate it by participating in the poll. Thumbs up is yes, and Thumbs Down is No. Does she have what it takes to Make Jack Laugh?

Remember, these are comedians so the content may not be safe for work, or around children.


One Comment

  1. JenSeaman says:

    Go Mama, go Mama, Go!!! Hilarious. =)

  2. DAVE LERMAN says:


  3. Seth Morgan Romero says:

    Love this! She’s the best!

  4. Blakguy says:

    I vote for Monti because she’s fine, sexy, talented, funny, crazy, and loving. Do your thang baby girl.

  5. Darrell K Harris says:

    My stomach is still hurtin from laughing Mighty Carlo is hilarious

  6. Martha says:

    Really funny

  7. Marleny Bleavins says:

    YOU ARE THE BEST! good luck……… : )

  8. kevin clarke strauser says:

    Mighty Carlo u r #winning

  9. Leticia ORTIZ says:

    She is beutiful,make me laugt until I cry,,,,

  10. Hanna says:

    Carlo is going to be a star

  11. Mighty Carlo says:

    you are all absolutely AMAZING for supporting me! i can’t thank you enough for helping me achieve this goal of mine. THANK YOU 1000 TIMES!!!

  12. dirtDiver says:

    who voted no?

  13. Lourdes Torres says:

    Hey Marirym!, You were awesome Chica! Much love to you and best wishes! See you on FB! ;-D Lourdes

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