Interview: Charlie Sheen Dishes On His Return To TV

103206167 Interview: Charlie Sheen Dishes On His Return To TV

Photo by Riccardo S. Savi/Getty Images

Our friends at K-EARTH just talked to the one and only Charlie Sheen this morning, and they’re sharing they’re with us!  Listen to the man and the legend now.

We got a hold of Charlie Sheen’s home number and decided to give him a call!!  He didn’t answer the first two times we tried, but then all of a sudden, he returned our call!!!

[pullquote quote=”It’s absolutely gnarles-gnarlyton, and I’m so honored that the people have stepped forward and elected me their leader…I think people are so sick of all the troll brains.” credit=”Charlie Sheen on his recent exposure “]

Is it really Charlie? “Well, who in the hell else do you think it would be?” Yep, it’s really Charlie Sheen returning our calls to the K-EARTH 101 Morning Show!

A lot of people are worried about the recent behavior we’ve seen from Sheen in the past couple of weeks, but the actor puts it in a way only he can, “Why? because they’re not me? They can believe in whatever they want, they’re entitled to their wrong opinions. That’s why they’re them and not me.”

Even though he’s taken over just about ever media outlet with personal interviews, Charlie hasn’t thought he’s over-exposed himself with everything’s he’s been doing. He recently just launched his own live Ustream called Sheen’s Korner, which he hopes to make a regular feature from now on.

As of right now, Charlie is unsure whether or not he’ll be back on his hit series Two and a Half Men next season, saying “Everybody knows my side of it by now. I was unprepared, according to them. There’s no morals clause. I came back super, uber prepared, like anybody was surprised…Duh, winning.”

When Lisa asked whether he would sign a morals clause in the new contract, Sheen responded, “Hell no, they should. They have no morality. You know, it’s a line from the Apocalypse, I am above their timid, lying morality, therefore I’m beyond caring.”

…Silence from Gary & Lisa to which Charlie says, “Hey, hey, silence. What was the gushing sound…was that both of your brains?” It takes some time to compute everything Charlie says, but we can’t deny that it’s entertaining!

Listen to the full interview to hear more from Charlie Sheen right here.


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