Oscars 2011: My Pick For Best Picture

1075626741 Oscars 2011: My Pick For Best Picture

I was so proud of myself for seeing all the nominated films up for this year’s big trophy, but as I was getting my thoughts together for this post, I realized that I did NOT see Toy Story 3! How could this happen? I’m blaming my daughter for being 19 and not 9 anymore. Totally her fault.

So here we go with my countdown of this year’s nominees and my instant impressions of each.

10. Toy Story 3-I didn’t see it…remember?  But it looks good!

9. The Kids Are Alright-good movie, but like a big screen version of the TV show “Parenthood” to me. Good rental.

8. Inception-tried too hard.

7. True Gritclick here to see my post on Best Director

6. 127 Hours-great performance, but if this wasn’t based on a true story, it wouldn’t have been on the list.

5. The Social Network-if this wasn’t based on a true story, it wouldn’t have been on the list. More viral than virile. I know you loved it.  I liked it.

4. The Fighter-fun performances. 20 minutes too long. Over-told the story.

3. Winter’s Bone-one of those movies that you can’t imagine the actors going by a script. The performances are incredibly natural and unaffected.

2. Black Swan-one of the darkest movies I’ll ever love. Had me tied up in a big knot of perfectionism. Natalie Portman’s coming out party.

And the Oscar goes to….

1. The King’s Speech
Okay, based on a true story, and one that, like Titanic, we know how it ends. But sometimes it’s about the journey. The performances, the costumes, the cinematography, and the screenplay all combined to nudge this one to the top of my list.

And here’s the REAL King’s speech:

Now it’s time to hear what YOU think!

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