Cheater! Cheater!

soccerweb Cheater! Cheater!

(Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

When people get desperate, they tend to do weird things. I’m thinking this guy may have stooped to a whole new level of desperation. Down 1-0 to Ecuador in the 76th minute of a match to decide fourth place in the Campeonato Sudamericano and the final South American qualifier for the U-20 World Cup, Chile’s Bryan Carrasco decided that he would use  an opponent’s hand to hit himself to force a free kick for his team. 

At first glance,  it looks like a normal scenario where Ecuador’s Fernando Gaibor reaches back and hits Carrasco as he tries to get into position. But slow the video down a notch, and it’s a completely different story. Watch as Carrasco grabs Gaibor’s wrist and slaps himself in the face with his opponent’s hand. He even prepares himself for the hit coming to his face!  

In the end, It looks like the only thing Carrasco did get was a black eye. Ecuador won 1-0 to take their spot in the U-20 World Cup. Better luck next time sucker!


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