You May Not Want To Eat That…

yogurt You May Not Want To Eat That...

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

 What is wrong with people!?! What kind of person wakes up, and says “I’m going to leave my manly mark in customer’s food and serve it to them?” I’ll tell you what kind of person does that. A 31-year-old grocery clerk in New Mexico with obviously not enough time on his hands (no pun intended).

It appears that on January 25th, the 28-year-old victim was shopping with her daughter when she was approached by the grocery employee, who worked in the store’s dairy department. After accepting his offer of a yogurt sample, the woman immediately thought the sample tasted “gross and disgusting” and, according to the police report, “said it tasted like ‘semen.”

The woman recalled that when she talked to manager, she was told that it was Greek Yogurt, and most people love it because it has a lot of protein in it. (Yep, it sure had protein in it!)

Long story short, the yogurt tested positive for sperm cells. They also tested to make sure that he didn’t have any illnesses or diseases that he could have passed on to her.

See the official documents HERE


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