roger waters1 More Bands Consider Performing Classic Albums Live In Their Entirety
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In today’s digital age, dominated by single track downloads, the album format is in trouble. To help keep the album alive, many rock bands are playing classic works from start to finish.

Roger Waters is perhaps the biggest supporter of albums and the perception of them as a complete work that is not meant to be deconstructed, but listened to as a whole.

Waters’ “The Wall: Live” tour was among the most popular tours of 2010, and continues to sell out arenas this year. He is no stranger to playing complete albums; he previously played Dark Side of the Moon in full on solo tours as well.

Pink Floyd earned headlines at the end of last year for their legal battle with EMI, which wished to sell individual tracks off concept albums like The Wall, which the band opposed at first before reaching a settlement.

Judas Priest also toured in tribute to a classic album of theirs, playing British Steel from front-to-back throughout their last tour.

Roger Daltrey mentioned in recent interviews that if The Who were to return to live touring, it would likely be to play an entire album from start to finish.

Tommy and Quadrophenia would be the obvious choices for such a tour.

With the recording industry in crisis, bands need live tours for revenue more than ever. So the idea of forming a tour around a collection of songs that fans fondly remember spinning from beginning to end is quite the enticing prospect for classic rock acts.

The concept opens up plenty of possibilities for reunion shows and tribute tours. What if the Black Sabbath reunion speculation turns out to be a reality? A Paranoid tribute tour would bring plenty of excitement.

The Rolling Stones aren’t exactly suffering from a lack of sales, and people would probably go to see them anyway, but who would object to an Exile on Main St. tour?

Is there a particular favorite album of yours that you’d love to see performed live from start to finish? Let us know in the comments!

Roger Waters, “Another Brick in the Wall Pt. II” Live @ the TD Garden in Boston:


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