A Prequel To The Sequel – Razzies 2011

A brief history of The Razzies

Image credit: Jordy Altman

Behold: The Razzie Awards.

We’re sure it’s hard to give the middle finger to Hollywood, year after year, so JACK FM is here to help you out. SUCK IT OSCARS… Always giving away the coolest awards to the coolest people. Who do you think you are?!

If you want to check out the Academy Award nominations, feel free. CONFORM to the majority!

Better believe if JACK FM had its way with things, we’d be right up there with the rest of those rebellious judges.

But hey – it’s all in good fun, right?

Or is it a part of a bigger conspiracy… some secret, subversive, soiled operation to bring down Hollywood’s finest??

Allow us to fill you in on the finest inglorious honor Hollywood can cough up.

For more, be sure to check out Razzies.com, or the Razzie Channel on YouTube.

“Take These Envelopes, Please” was the first headline published about The Razzies; an article which would appear on the front page of the Los Angeles Daily News in 1981John J.B. Wilson had begun his lampoon only the year before by giving close friends a chance to turn Hollywood on its head. Once the movers and shakers of Tinsel Town caught buzz of the idea, the burlesque was taken.

Awarding the best of the worst in a fashion similar to The Oscars (yuck), A-List celebrities from Affleck to Bullock to Cosby win big alongside their huge flops. Humiliating as it may be, these recipients become the proud owners of a tinker toy trophy – one plastic raspberry atop a Super 8mm reel.

So what can we expect to see in the 2011 nominees? Allow us to inform you… IIINNNNN TTHHRRREEE – DDDDDDD

Be sure to check back regularly as we reveal the nominations daily.

We’ll take you inside each category and let you know who deserves the faux-gold cup.

Like John J.B. Wilson before us… the envelope, please.

[Source: Wikipedia, Razzies, IMDB]


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