traffic The Emerald City Ties For The 10th Worst Traffic In The Country

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

So we tied with Atlanta for the 10th worst traffic in the country in 2009.

Seattle drivers spent an average of 44 hours a year in delays, which is down from 47 in 2008.  The report from the Texas Transportation Institute observes that Seattle, Pittsburg and Honolulu have “water features, hills and other geographic elements cause more traffic congestion than regions with several alternative routes.”

The report also states that “rush hour’ lasts about 5 hours a day in nearly all urban areas with populations more than 1 million.  And, of course they expect it to get worse once the economy rebounds and returns to growth.

The Seattle area is now home to 3.2 million bodies.  In 1982 we ranked number 19, and then the 90’s growth we surged to number 2 nationally.

So what’s the solution?  Simple.  Drive safely, be kind to one another and crank 96.5 Jack FM while sitting in line with all of your friends.  It’s been proven that listening to Jack makes the delays so much better.

In case you want to read all the bad news, it’s here.


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