Two-Thirds of America Thinks American Idol's Best Days Are Over

american idol vince bucci Two Thirds of America Thinks American Idol's Best Days Are Over

Vince Bucci / Getty Images

The “Hollywood Reporter” conducted an “American Idol” poll in which they asked 750 current and former “Idol” viewers for their thoughts on the show. 

Here are some of the results:

67% say they believe “Idol’s” best days are over.  However, almost half, 47%, say they’ll “definitely or probably” still tune in when Season 10 premieres January 19th.  26% “definitely or probably” will NOT watch.

27% “might or might not watch.”

48% say the addition of Jennifer Lopez has made them more interested in watching this season and 43% said the same of Steven Tyler.  60% say the changes “Idol” made are for the better.

Viewers that described themselves as “hardcore fans” were the only group that expressed disappointment over Kara Dioguardi leaving, but 40% of the “hardcore fans” said Ellen Degeneres’ departure makes them “more likely to watch.”

Only 21% of “Idol” viewers could name Lee Dewyze as last season’s winner.

28% of viewers say they watch “Idol” for the embarrassingly bad performances; 52% watch it for the “awesome musical talent.”

45% said Simon Cowell’s comments would influence their voting more than any of the other judge.

Interestingly enough, Randy Jackson was voted America’s favorite judge among both the past judges and the current ones, even though Steven and J-Lo haven’t been seen in action yet.  Kara was the least popular.

And even more interestingly, 86% of people feel that Randy has the authority to judge musical talent.  That was the highest percentage among all past and current judges.  Ellen was the least qualified, with only 36% saying she could judge talent.

Half the people who watch “American Idol” say they vote, and one-third of the voters are from the South.  61% of the voters are female.

Wanna learn more? Check here.


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