More Than Half of Americans Have Done it in a Car

back seat jeff glucker More Than Half of Americans Have Done it in a Car

Jeff Glucker/ Flickr

Doing it in the backseat of a car is an important rite of passage in every American’s life. Right up there with getting sick from drinking wine coolers and having massive credit card debt.
So it’s kind of surprising that the number of people having sex in the back seats of their cars is not that high.

According to a new survey, 54% of people say they’ve gotten-it-on in a car.  And only 22% enjoyed it. Men were more likely to enjoy car relations than women, 28% to 18%.

Believe it or not, people over 55 were most likely to have gotten-it-on in a car.  75% of the 55-plus crowd have done it.

And they were the most likely to have enjoyed it, at 39%. People also voted on the best cars for having relations, and the list is . . . well, interesting.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class was voted the best . . . we’re guessing because it’s a well-made luxury car with a large backseat . . . and the rest of the list is a mix of nostalgia, money and space.

Here’s the full top 10 . . .

#1.)  Mercedes-Benz E-Class

#2.)  Volkswagen Beetle

#3.)  Ferrari 458 Italia

#4.)  Mini Cooper

#5.)  Volvo V70 station wagon

#6.)  Volkswagen Golf GTI

#7.)  Alfa Romeo Spider

#8.)  Rolls-Royce Ghost

#9.)  Aston Martin Vanquish

#10.)  Land Rover Discovery


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