More Americans in Their 20’s Are Now Living With Their Parents

room katie More Americans in Their 20’s Are Now Living With Their Parents

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Remember how the dream of most kids was one day to become independent at the age of 16, own your own place and throw drinking parties all day? Oh, that wasn’t your dream? well it was mine… Unfortunately a new survey of more than 1,000 Americans in their twenties found that a shockingly high number of them 28%, or more than one out of four are currently living with their parents.

The survey also found that 28% of 20-somethings described themselves as, quote, “perpetually single.”  It didn’t show the overlap between those two groups . . . but we’re guessing that one is pretty connected to the other.

 Here are some of the other results from the survey . . .38% of 20-somethings are currently in a relationship but not married.  19% are currently dating around, 13% are married, and 2% are divorced.

28% live with their parents, 28% live with their spouse . . . or live in SIN with their boyfriend or girlfriend, 26% live with a roommate or roommates, and 18% live alone.

The average person moves five times during their 20s. And the average person has six jobs during their 20s.


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