The New Gadget Census

i pad yutaka tsutano The New Gadget Census

Yutaka Tsutano/ Flickr

At this point, it’s impossible to avoid the sweet seduction of at least one electronic gadget.
And the electronics store has released the results of its state-by-state gadget census which found the states with the highest concentration of all kinds of different tech products.

Most iPads:  New York.  52% of households in New York have at least one iPad.

Most smartphones:  Maryland.  The people at Retrevo think it might be because of all the government workers who live there, surgically attached to their BlackBerries.

Most “dumb” phones:  Pennsylvania.  14% of people have a low-tech cell phone . . . like the one you get free for signing a new contract.

Most laptops:  Colorado 13% of households there have at least one laptop, just beating out Georgia and Minnesota.

Most eReaders:  Massachusetts.  49% of people in Massachusetts have a Kindle, Nook, or one of the other 8,000 high-tech ways to read a book.

Most digital cameras:  Michigan.  Households in Michigan are 8% more likely to have a camera than anywhere else.  (–Of course, according to the media, there are only like 15 households left in Michigan, so take that for what it’s worth.)

The census also found that people in New York City are most likely to have the newest technology products, and people in Phoenix are most likely to have old tube TVs and VCRs.


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