arcade fire 1 Arcade Fire = The Beatles???

This past summer, former Los Angeles Times contributor and esteemed music critic Robert Hilburn, e-mailed Arcade Fire and told them of how excited he was about their upcoming album…

Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler says that Hilburn “wrote me an e-mail as the record was coming out, and he was like, ‘Guys, it kind of feels like a Beatles album is coming out… There’s something electric in the air.”

He might have been onto something because The Suburbs hit #1 in the U.K. and the U.S. when it came out in August.

Now, may be Arcade Fire is not your cup of tea… In that case, who do you think is or could be the new Beatles??? I know someone that says Foo Fighters are the new Beatles, because every song they come up with is as great as the previous one… So? What do you think?

In the meantime, here’s Arcade Fire with “Rebellion.”

  1. musicdouche says:

    How can anyone be the new Beatles really? Arcade Fire isn’t exactly my cup of tea, you’re right (they might be a nice cup of hot chocolate on a winter day though). I’m a big fan of Beirut though, but I don’t think we will experience a new Beatles era with them either, not with anyone I believe. Simply because those were different times. They didn’t have MySpace/Reverbnation/etc.

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