8 Things Employers Can’t Ask You During a Job Interview

job interview bpsusf 8 Things Employers Can’t Ask You During a Job Interview

bpsusf/ Flickr

Investopedia put together this list of eight questions that are totally out-of-bounds in a job interview. So remember them because if an employer asks you one and doesn’t hire you, at least you can make some money by suing them, right? I know you’re so desperate to get a job  that you would answer anything, even the size of your bra…But in case you want to know

#1.)  How old are you?  They can only ask if you’re over 18.  Any other questions fall under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967.

#2.)  Are you married?  They can’t even try to figure it out by asking “Do you prefer Mrs. or Miss?”

#3.)  Are you a U.S. citizen?  They can’t find out your citizenship status until after they hire you and have you complete an Employment Eligibility Verification form.

#4.)  Do you have any disabilities?

#5.)  Do you take drugs, smoke or drink?  Whether they’re trying to figure out if you’re a health risk . . . or if you’d be a fun time at happy hour . . . these questions are out-of-bounds.

#6.)  What religion do you practice?

#7.)  What is your race?

#8.)  Are you pregnant?


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