The U.S. Marriage Rate Hits Lowest Point in More Than 130 Years

wedding anthony van dyck The U.S. Marriage Rate Hits Lowest Point in More Than 130 Years

Anthony van Dyck/ Flickr

Either the men in this country have gotten a lot smarter about avoiding the Big Mistake, or the economy is even more devastating than we realized because this is madness.
The U.S. Census Bureau released new data which found that the marriage rate in this country just hit its lowest point in at least 130 years.

In 2009, only 52% of Americans 18 years old and over said they were married. That’s down from 57% in 2000.

We don’t know if the marriage rate has ever been lower.  The Census has only been collecting that data since 1880 . . . 130 years ago . . . and the percentage has never been lower than it was last year.The economy is definitely a factor:  People are less likely to jump into marriages when their finances and careers are so up in the air. 

Combine that with the younger generation being cool with waiting into their 30s to lock it down, and you get the lowest marriage rate ever.The Census also found that in 2009, for people 25 to 34, 46.3% were never married, and 44.9% are currently married, or had been married and are now divorced.

That’s the first time in history that the “never married” group was larger than the “married” group.


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