submarine dvidshub Five Weird Jobs That Pay Well


The year is coming to an end and you’re looking forward to 2011. You probably already have a resolution, find a job, or if you already have one… find one that pays better. If you think it might be time for a drastic career change, here are five weird jobs you probably haven’t considered, that pay pretty well . . .

#5.)  A ‘SHOT GIRL’ IN NEW YORK.  According to a story in the “Wall Street Journal”, girls who sell shots at bars in New York make up to 25 cents for each shot they sell, plus tips.  That translates into somewhere between $300 and $600 a night.

#4.)  JUNKET OPERATOR FOR CHINESE CASINOS.  If you can convince millionaires to gamble at a casino in the city of Macau, China, you can earn 1.2% of whatever they gamble.  And baccarat pays 2.7%.

Typically, that adds up to around $60,000 a year. 

#3.)  PEARL DIVER.  If you’re diving offshore, you can make up to $1,200 a day.  And on a related note, oil and gas divers who work on drilling platforms . . . like the one that sank in the Gulf of Mexico . . . make up to $80,000 a year.

#2.)  MASTER SOMMELIER.  If you want to work at an upscale restaurant and recommends certain wines to go with certain meals, just become a sommelier(–pronounced so-MEL-ee-ay).Obviously you have to know a thing or two about wine, but it pays between $80,000 and $160,000 a year.  And the TOP weird job that pays well is . . .

#1.)  SUBMARINE COOK.  In Australia, a senior submarine cook with more than six years of experience earns $187,000 a year.  (–I guess what we’re saying is . . . don’t quit your day job.)


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