Facebook To Launch Facial Recognition

facebook1 Facebook To Launch Facial Recognition

Facebook has announced that it’s about to roll out facial recognition on your photos.

So when you upload a photo, instead of having to manually tag your friends, Facebook will analyze the faces in the photo, compare them to their billions of other photos, figure out who’s in your photo, and automatically tag them.

On the plus side, that will save you a ton of time; tagging people takes a while.  And it’s also pretty badass that something like facial recognition technology is now available to regular, non-CIA or -FBI types like you and me.

On the negative side, it’s pretty scary that Facebook knows what we all look like and this, naturally, raises privacy issues.

Plus, as someone at CNBC said, you won’t love this when the cops upload a photo of you breaking the law and have it auto-tagged to lead them right to you.

Of course, the people at Facebook don’t see it that way.  Their VP of Product, Chris Cox, says this is actually GOOD for privacy… “Every time a tag is created, it means that [you know about] a photo of you on the Internet.”

There’s no word exactly when this is going to go live on Facebook; for now, they’re just saying “soon.”

Hit like if this freaks you out… 😉


One Comment

  1. Chiton Butterworth says:

    As long as we are still able to UNtag ourselves it might be not too freaky… maybe.

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