The Top Celebrity Feuds of 2010

bush The Top Celebrity Feuds of 2010

E! Online keeps spitting out end-of-the-year lists. Their latest is the Top 10 Celebrity Feuds of the Year.

#1.)  Kanye West vs. George W. Bush

 On his book tour, Bush said the most “disgusting” moment of his presidency was when Kanye said he didn’t care about black people.  Kanye apologized, but still found a way to paint himself as the victim.Oh, and he also segued into a feud with Matt Lauer over this same issue.

#2.)  Rick Sanchez vs. Jon Stewart

CNN host Sanchez got tired of being ribbed on “The Daily Show”.  But in fighting back, he launched into one of those “Jews run the media” complaints.  CNN fired him.

#3.)  Chelsea Handler vs. Angelina Jolie

 During a recent standup gig, Chelsea called Angelina the B-word, the C-word and a homewrecker.  No response yet from Angelina.

#4.)  Bill O’Reilly vs. Kim Kardashian

 Bill went after Kim for doing a mildly seductive photo shoot with 16-year-old Justin Bieber.  Kim said it was all in good fun, but that Bill was entitled to his opinion.

#5.)  Kathy Griffin vs. Bristol Palin.

 Kathy called Bristol, quote, “The white Precious” . . . because she GAINED weight during “Dancing with the Stars”.  Bristol responded, quote, “I hope people didn’t have to pay money to hear her negativity and criticisms.”

#6.)  John Mayer vs. Jessica Simpson

 John offered up a little too much information when he described ex-girlfriend Jessica as, quote, “sexual napalm”.  Jessica wasn’t happy about it . . . but she did admit her phone was blowing up because of it.

#7.)  Zach Galifianakis vs. Robert Downey Jr.

Zach and Robert who co-starred in the movie “Due Date” apparently didn’t agree on whether Mel Gibson deserved a second chance.  Downey thought he did but Zack was one of the reasons Mel’s “Hangover 2” cameo didn’t happen.

#8.)  Jennifer Aniston vs. Joan Collins.

 Joan said that Angelina Jolie is the only really beautiful actress out there today . . . and that Jennifer is only “cute”.  Jennifer decline to respond.

#9.)  Kid Rock vs. Steven Tyler.

Kid was pretty disappointed when one of his rock heroes became an “American Idol” judge.  He called it the stupidest thing Tyler’s ever done.  Tyler responded, quote, “He’s just jealous.”

#10.)  Hilary Duff vs. Faye Dunaway. 

Faye got upset that Hilary had been cast as Bonnie in a new “Bonnie & Clyde” movie . . . a role Faye is famous for.  She said they should have hired, quote, “a real actress. Hilary replied, quote, “I might be mad if I looked like that now, too.”


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  1. Doixy says:

    I love youuu Kanye West

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