christmas gift metaphoricalplatypus Six Christmas Gifts Your Parents Don't Want

metaphoricalplatypus/ Flickr

Buying Christmas presents for your parents is a pain, because at least one of them is always impossible to buy for. This list might not make shopping for them any easier, but it might help make sure you buy something they actually like. Here are six gifts your parents don’t want….

#1.)  Clothing.  Kids always buy their dad things they think he’d look good in.  But chances are, your ideas on fashion differ by about 20 to 30 years.And things like ties, gloves, pajamas, and slippers are boring because they’re like default gifts.

#2.)  Gifts to Improve His Appearance.  Obviously, don’t give your dad an electric nose hair trimmer . . . unless he’s in on the joke.  But don’t get him fitness equipment either.

 It’s like saying, “Merry Christmas . . . We all know you’re fat.”

#3.)  Tools.  If you know about tools, and know something he specifically wants or needs, by all means get it.  But don’t buy him a random wrench set at Home Depot just because it’s on sale.  He might not need it, or he might already have one.

Now, here are three gifts your Mom doesn’t want

#1.)  A Big Bottle of Perfume.  If anything, give her a small bottle of her favorite kind.  Don’t buy the biggest bottle you find on sale.She’ll pretend to love it, then store it under the bathroom sink until next Christmas . . . when she’ll wear it, and you won’t notice.

 #2.)  Something From an Infomercial.  Even if it’s something she ends up using, she probably won’t love it, because it’s not sentimental.  Remember, your mom watches TV too.  So if she wants the Slap Chop, let her buy it.

#3.)  A Complicated Gadget.  If she’s still figuring out the cell phone she got LAST year, don’t add to the confusion.  That’s not to say your mom can’t figure out how to use electronics.  She just doesn’t have the time or desire to.

 So unless your mom is somewhat tech-savvy, shy away from cutting-edge electronics.  She might prefer a book instead of a Kindle . . . and it costs a lot less.


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