mailman william thomas cain A Mailman Delivers The Mail Naked

William Thomas Cain/ Getty Images

Last week, a 52-year-old postal worker in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin went to work and found one of his female co-workers was depressed. So what did he do?: A) Invited her to go out- B) got her a bunch of flowers? C) Got naked and delivered the mail?

The answer is C!!!! He thought he was going to cheer her up by delivering the mail completely naked.  No names have been released.

He actually went through with it.  He stripped naked, went to a woman’s office with a package, pun not intended and tried to deliver it.  She freaked out and called the police.  He was arrested for lewd and disturbing behavior.

Chris Baltz, manager of the North Shore Post Office, said the matter is being handled internally and the department is working with law enforcement. The employee is not out delivering mail, he said. The mailman has apologized and says it was a stupid thing to do. 

By the way I’m not sure who called the cops, but I’m guessing it’s someone that hates junk mail. heyyyyyyyooooooo

  1. RickN Bakersfield, CA says:

    I said:
    “Don’t look Ethel; but it was too late;
    she’d already been mooned!!!”

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