google 2 justin sullivan Google Has the Happiest Employees of Any Company In the U.S.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

According to a nationwide survey by, Google has the happiest employees of any company in the U.S.

Google has a reputation for taking care of its employees: They pay well, there’s a lot of opportunity for advancement, they cook all your meals, there’s a company gym, and they even have an on-site medical staff if you need a quick doctor’s visit.

The rest of the top five happiest companies are 3M, DTE Energy, Qualcomm, and the U.S. Military.

For the survey, employees rated their happiness in areas like growth opportunity, compensation, benefits, work-life balance, career advancement, management, and job security. Almost 100,000 employees were surveyed.

The company on the top 50 list with the lowest average salary was Costco. It came in 30th, and has an average salary of $40,250.

The company with the highest average salary was Sun Microsystems, where the average employee makes $101,662. But they only came in 46th overall on the list.

Here’s the complete list of the Top 50 Companies with the happiest employees…

How would you rate your work place from 1-10… no names required 😉

  1. Susan Johnston says:

    I love CareerBliss. It is the only site I use for finding salaries and jobs. The reviews are a nice touch, too! I wonder what the 50 worst companies are…

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