bread knife joebeone Father Castrates 17 Year Old Daughter’s Old Boyfriend

Joebeone/ Flickr

The father in this next story did something very illegal and very wrong, and he deserves to go to prison. But at the same time every other dad on the planet is going to think, “I understand.” Is he a hero or a villain?

The father here is 47-year-old Helmut Seifert of Bielefeld, Germany.  And he recently found out that his 17-year-old daughter, whose name wasn’t released, was involved in a relationship with a 57-year-old man named Phillip Genscher.

Helmut went to the police to ask them to intervene.  But 17 is the age of consent in Germany, so they said there was nothing they could do about the relationship . . . even with the 40-year age gap.

So Helmut decided he was going to go vigilante, and handle things himself.  He recruited two friends, went to Phillip’s house . . . and had his friends hold Phillip down while he chopped off Phillips’s testes with a bread knife.

Then Helmut and his friends left, and took Phillip’s severed package with them.

Phillip managed to call the police, and he was rushed to the hospital.  They saved his life, but he’s now castrated for good.Helmut was arrested and charged with attempted murder.  He’ll be on trial next year.  He’s also refused to give up the names of his friends.

He told the police, quote, “You said you couldn’t stop him, so I did.  I saw it as my duty as a father.”

  1. Kevin M. Kraft says:

    I understand the decision of the father.

    BUT…what about his DAUGHTER? I mean, she’s the other part of this equation. what’s her deal? Any consequences for her? Should there be? If 17 is the legal age of consent, is there anything actually “wrong” with their relationship, regardless of one’s personal feelings about the age gap? Is “legal” the same as “wrong”? Just because I may find their relationship disgusting, does that mean that it’s automatically morally reprehensible by default?

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