Wesley Snipes Is Behind Bars

wesley snipes vittorio zunino celotto Wesley Snipes Is Behind Bars

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/ Getty Images

Am I the only one who was getting an eerie feeling that Wesley Snipes was going to pull a runner and flee the country? Well, it didn’t happen. Wesley turned himself in to begin his 3-year sentence for failing to pay millions of dollars in taxes.

Snipes who’s 48 was convicted in April of 2008, but was allowed to remain free for over two years while he mounted one unsuccessful appeal after another.Wesley’s new home is the McKean Federal Correctional Institution.  It’s a minimum-security joint in Lewis Run, Pennsylvania . . . which is in the Northwest corner of the state, just south of the New York state border.

 E! Online says it’s a pretty soft place.  In fact, it’s got a nickname:  McKean the Dream”.  (–Sort of like the place Martha Stewart got sent to, which was nicknamed “Camp Cupcake”.)

Wesley will have dorm-style living quarters, plus a personal radio and 300 phone minutes per month.But it won’t all be a walk in the park.  He’ll have to work seven hours a day.  His job could be anything from landscaping to food service to painting.  And he’ll make between 12 and 40 cents per hour.

Oh, and he won’t be allowed conjugal visits.Even though his sentence is three years, Snipes is only expected to serve about 26 months . . . as long as he keeps his nose clean.


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