Companies are Using Private Detectives to Track Down Employees Who Fake Sick Days

sick leonid mamchenkov Companies are Using Private Detectives to Track Down Employees Who Fake Sick Days

Leonid Mamchenkov/ Flickr

If you still have a lot of sick days left over, and you’re thinking about using them for an extra week of Christmas vacation your boss knows you’re not really sick. Or, at the very least, he’s suspicious.

According to the latest numbers, 57% of salaried employees in the U.S. take sick days when they’re not really sick.  That’s up almost 20% from 2006.  So now, more and more companies are hiring private detectives to spy on their own employees to make sure they’re taking legitimate sick days. And yes, it’s legal.

In 2008, a company hired an off-duty cop to track an employee they thought might be abusing her sick days.  She was.  She sued the company, but the courts dismissed the suit, and said a company has a right to track its workers.

There aren’t any hard numbers on how many companies are tracking their employees like this . . . obviously, most of them want to keep it on the down low . . . but from all reports, it’s becoming a, quote, “thriving industry.”Now . . . unless your company’s extremely paranoid, if you take one or two fake sick days a year, odds are you won’t get tracked down.  Most companies only spend the money to track employees who are constantly taking sick days.

 Fake sick days have gone up since the economy tanked because people are less likely to leave jobs they hate . . . they don’t think another job is out there.  But staying in a job you hate leads to low satisfaction, which leads to fake sick days.

Do you have any especial technique to fake you are sick at work?


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