reindeer A Restaurant in Arizona Is Offering Reindeer for Christmas

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On Easter, a place called Caffe Boa in Tempe, Arizona offered a special all-rabbit dinner. And now, for Christmas, the same chef is offering an all-reindeer dinner.

It’s not really reindeer, it’s actually North American caribou.  But they’re basically the same animal, the only difference is geographical.  These reindeer come from the Midwest, not Santa’s workshop.The reindeer meal features things like caribou tartare with a pickled quail egg . . . caribou tongue bruschetta . . . caribou sausage . . . a pasta with a caribou Bolognese . . . caribou-filled tortellini . . . and caribou stew. (I feel hungry now)

Caribou is a lean, gamey meat.The dinner runs $65, plus tax and tip.  It’ll be available at the restaurant from December 20th through January 6th.

(–I know this restaurant is just doing this as a publicity stunt . . . but that doesn’t change the fact that I want to go there, grab the chef by his shoulders, and shake him until he understands the spirit of the holidays.)


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