pinto 10 Least Safe Cars Of All Time

Joost J. Bakker IJmuiden/ Flickr

I hope you don’t own one of these, if you do, well, maybe it is time to consider selling your car. A website called Auto Shippers just put out this list of the 10 least-safe cars of all time and the list is filled with older cars that were recalled, legendary cars that have reputations as being insanely dangerous, and two models from 2009.

#1.)  Ford Pinto.  It blew up during accidents.  The gas tank was accidentally positioned so that it would explode even in a minor bumper-to-bumper accident.

#2.)  Briggs & Stratton Flyer.  This car came out in 1915 and didn’t have doors, a windshield, or any kind of protection from impact.

#3.)  Peel Trident.  This car was tiny and offered pretty much no protection to the two people jammed inside.

#4.)  1960-63 Chevy Corvair.  The engine released toxic fumes, and the steering wheel would IMPAIL people during crashes.

#5.)  1974-76 Bricklin SV-1.  The body was made out of bonded acrylic and fiberglass, which couldn’t handle the engine’s heat . . . and BURNED its drivers.

#6.)  1985 Yugo GV.  The cars would generally just start rattling and fall apart.

#7.)  2009 Smart Fortwo.  It gets amazing mileage, but drivers were getting ejected during crashes where they were barely going 40 miles-per-hour.

#8.)  1984-88 Ford Mustang.  These always ranked toward the top of the list for total deaths people want to drive them fast, but they’re not safe enough to handle crashes with those speeds and conditions.

#9.)  1984-88 Chevy Corvette.  More people died in this model than any other car in history  people bought them, drove them recklessly, and crashed them.

#10.)  2009 Kia Rio.  Even with modern safety standards, the car manufacturing was crappy enough that Kia Rios put a surprisingly high number of people in the hospital when they were rear-ended.


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