cogdogblog picnik Top Smartest and Dumbest Cities in The U.S

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It’s time for every American’s favorite pastime judging other people for being dumber than they are! Yeeeeeeey ranked the 200 biggest metropolitan areas in the U.S. from smartest to dumbest. It’s based on the number of people with high school, college, and post-graduate degrees, and what the people with those degrees are earning.

Smartest Cities

Most of the smartest cities are homes to major universities.  Boulder, Colorado, finished first that’s the home of the University of Colorado.  And Ann Arbor, Michigan . . . the home of the University of Michigan . . . came in second.

The rest of the top 10 are Washington, D.C., Durham, North Carolina .Fort Collins, Colorado; Stamford, Connecticut . . . San Jose, California . . . Boston, Massachusetts . . . Madison, Wisconsin . . . and San Francisco. Seattle makes it number 16!!!!

Dumbest Cities

And now to the other end of the scale.  Merced, California was named the dumbest or to put it more gently, least smart city in the country.  McAllen-Edinburg, Texas came in second.

The rest of the bottom 10 are:  Brownsville, Texas , Visalia, California . . . Bakersfield, California . . . Yakima, Washington (boooooo) . . . Laredo, Texas . . . Hickory, North Carolina . . . Fort Smith, Arkansas . . . and Modesto, California.

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  1. George Bush says:

    Hey now….I cam from Texas…

  2. george says:

    wow im from yakima…wa….

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