When Did the Stars Lose Their Virginity?

khloe kardashian ethan miller When Did the Stars Lose Their Virginity?

Ethan Miller/ Getty Images

Thanks to Khloe Kardashian’s recent admission that she lost her virginity at the age of 14, the website CeleBuzz.com has put together a list of celebrities, and how old they were when they busted it.

Daniel Radcliffe,  16  (–It was on his 16th birthday, and she was, quote, “much older.”)

Britney Spears,  14  (–You mean she lied to us all those years?  Yes, she did.  Her mom later revealed that she lost her virginity to a football player at her school.)

“Glee” star Matthew Morrison,  21  (–He kept it in his pants so long by joining several Christian groups up through college.)

Tina Fey,  24  (–She lost her virginity to director (slash) producer Jeff Richmond whom she eventually married.)

Matthew Fox,  12  (–She was 14.  He calls the experience, quote, “absolutely terrible and awkward.”)

Lisa Kudrow,  32  (–She waited until marriage, unlike those other two “Friends” sluts.)

Adriana Lima,  27  (–Believe it or not, she also waited until marriage.  And NBA stud Marko Jaric reaped all the benefits!  He plays in Europe now.  Not that anything on Earth could make me feel sorry for him.)

Kevin Jonas,  22  (–If you believe all that “purity ring” stuff, he waited to be married, too.)

Jessica Simpson,  22  (–Believe it or not, Jessica waited until she married Nick Lachey.  There’s no word if he’s the one who turned her into SEXUAL NAPALM.)

Johnny Depp,  13  (–He was in a rock band, she was a groupie.  Pick up a guitar, kids.  Works every time.)  (???)

Dustin Hoffman,  15  (–It was an older girl who mistook him for his BROTHER in a dark room.)

Brooke Shields,  22  (–Brooke actually REGRETS waiting so long.  She says that if she’d had sex earlier, quote, “I think I would have been much more in touch with myself.”)

Anthony Kiedis,  12  (–He lost it to his dad’s girlfriend . . . long before there were any websites to show you how that’s done.)

 Angelina Jolie,  14  (–Her first time was with a high school boyfriend.  Afterward she grabbed a knife and cut him in order to, quote, “feel closer to him.”)

Do you dare reveal when you lost yours?



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