lebron james mike ehrmann picnik The Miami Heats Problems Have Cost a Bar Owner $30,000 And Counting

Mike Ehrmann/ Getty Images

When Lebron James decided to go to the Miami Heat, people in the media overreacted and instantly declared that the Heat would be the greatest team in the history of mankind. And the people of Florida bought into the hype. Not everybody is happy, especially this bar owner.

John Todora owns a bar called Whiskey Tango in Hollywood, Florida. And he offered a new special for this season’s Heat games:  If you’re watching the Heat at his bar and they lose, he’ll knock $25 off of everyone’s bar tabs.

 He figured it would be a great promotion to get people into his bar for the Heat games . . . and since the geniuses in the sports media were predicting the Heat might lose as few as 10 out of 82 games, it seemed like low-risk, high-reward.Well it turns out the Heat haven’t been playing so well.  Jamming a few superstars on a team with a bunch of scrubs hasn’t produced legendary results.  Eighteen games into the season, they’ve won ten games . . . and lost eight.

Those eight losses have already cost John more than $30,000.  And there are still 64 regular-season games to go.He says he didn’t buy any insurance for his season-long promotion so, quote, “We’re kind of at the mercy of the Heat.”

Comments (3)
  1. Robert says:

    , what a moron, hope the Heat lose 50 more games !Boo Hoo

  2. Guillermo says:

    This is BS the Heat has lost 8 games in other to lost that amount of $$ there must be 150 bar tabs at the end of the game, nice try, but can only fools ignorant people. Keep heating!!!!!!!!

  3. jim says:

    Maybe Lebron would be nice enough to pay the bar the cost since he’s the one screwing the team.

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