implant spencer platt I Want The Boobs Back!

Spencer Platt/ Getty Images

I’m not sure where you find a repo man for a job like this but I’m sure a lot of guys would like to give it a shot. In Germany, a man paid for his girlfriend’s breast implants but now that she dumped him, he wants to have them repossessed.

The guy’s name hasn’t been released, but apparently he paid $5,865 for his 20-year-old girlfriend’s breast implants back in 2009.  At the time, he told her he’d buy them for her if she promised to stay with him for a year.

He even had her sign a contract that said she’d have to pay him back for the implants if she broke up with him within a year.  (–Sounds like a healthy relationship.)

She left him shortly after the implants were in place . . . and now he wants those implants back. He’s gone to the police with the contract, and he said he’s going to have them repossessed if he doesn’t get the money soon.  The woman has transferred about $4,000 of the $5,865 to him so far.

Do you think this guy has a case?


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