sarah palin jemal countess I Feel Like Refudiating The Word, Wouldn’t You?

Jenal Countess/ Getty Images

Very gradually, Sarah Palin is finding her way into every single aspect of our lives. And man do we love enabling her. The New Oxford American Dictionary just announced their Word of the Year and it’s Sarah Palin’s made-up word “refudiate.” Over the summer, Palin used “refudiate” twice, blending the words “refute” and “repudiate.” In both cases, she basically meant “reject.”
The Oxford American Dictionary people say that even though “refudiate” is their Word of the Year, they have no plans to include it in their dictionary. Their Word of the Year is just a new word or phrase that gets a ton of attention and makes an impact.

Crowdsourcing:  “The practice where an organization enlists a variety of freelancers, paid or unpaid, to work on a specific task or problem.”
Double-dip:  “Denoting or relating to a recession during which a period of economic decline is followed by a brief period of growth, followed by a further period of decline.”
Gleek:  “A fan of the television series ‘Glee’.”
Nom nom:  “An expression of delight when eating.”
Retweet:  “Repost or forward a message posted by another user on Twitter.”
Tea Party:  “A U.S. political party that emerged from a movement of conservatives protesting the federal government in 2009.”
Vuvuzela:  “A long horn blown by fans at soccer matches.”
Webisode:  “1. An original episode derived from a television series, made for online viewing.  2.  An online video that presents an original short film or promotes a product, movie, or television series.”


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