cherpumple How to Make a Cherpumple!

Have you ever heard about the turducken? It’s a chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey… The ultimate Thanksgiving dinner!

But how about dessert? I mean, how can you get equally as piggy with desserts?

Well, a man named Charles Phoenix has come up with the turducken’s dessert-based cousin.

It’s a monstrous three-layer cake called the CHERPUMPLE!!!

The Cherpumple is made up of…

  • A bottom layer of spice cake, with an apple pie baked inside.
  • A middle layer of yellow cake, with a pumpkin pie baked inside.
  • A top layer of white cake, with a cherry pie baked inside.

Assemble the three layers, holding them together with frosting and then frost the entire thing.

The only downside of the Cherpumple is that it’s REALLY hard to build.  Charles says that “The physics of it provide a kind of ‘will it or won’t it collapse’ situation.  But if it does, you can act like it was meant to happen and serve it with spoons.” 


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