chrysler sebring gotrisi Cars That Lose Their Value The Quickest

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All cars are terrible investments. They lose value the moment you start driving them, and keep losing value with every mile, scratch, dent, and love stain on the backseat. But some are definitely more terrible than others.
The people at “Forbes” put together this list of the cars that lose their value the quickest. And usually, they have two things in common. One, they were cheap to start with. And two, the company that makes them is in financial trouble.
The average car retains about 35% of its value after five years.

#1.)  Chrysler Sebring, which only retains 16% of its value in five years.

#2.)  Mercedes-Benz S-Class, retains 16%.  (–Obviously, this isn’t a cheap car whose parent company is in trouble.  “Forbes” says it has no idea why it loses value so quickly, but it may have to do with the cost of gas and maintenance.)

#3.)  Kia Sedona, retains 16%.

#4.)  Lincoln Town Car, retains 17%.

#5.)  Mercury Grand Marquis, retains 17%.

#6.)  Saab 9-3, retains 17%.

#7.)  Smart ForTwo, retains 17%.

#8.)  Chevrolet Cobalt, retains 18%.

#9.)  Hyundai Accent, retains 18%.

#10.)  Kia Rio, retains 18%


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