emma watson gareth cattermole picnik Harry Potter Minx Emma Watson Had No Idea She Was Rich

Gareth Cattermole/ Getty Images

The three main “Harry Potter” kids are set for life. But Emma Watson who plays Harry’s buddy Hermione didn’t know it until about three years ago.
Despite all the money she was making, Emma was only getting an allowance of $75 a week.
About three years ago, when she turned 17, Emma had a money talk with her dad and found out that she had millions in the bank.

She says, quote, “By the third or fourth film, the money was starting to get serious.  I had no idea.  I felt sick, very emotional.”Emma is 20 now and a student at Brown University in Rhode Island.  And she’s worth about $32 million.

Despite the fame and money, Emma is trying to be a normal college student . . . to the point where she even turned down a group of guys who wanted her autograph.She says, quote, “I had a breakdown.  Not a hissy fit, more like uncontrollable crying.  Everyone looked at me horrified, like, ‘Oh my God!  What’s wrong with her?’

“I just said, ‘I’m really sorry, but I’m here to study and I just want to be a student.  Would it be okay if I don’t sign, because you’ll be seeing me around all the time anyway?'”

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