Rules Lindsay Lohan Has To Follow at Betty Ford

lindsay lohan evan agostini Rules Lindsay Lohan Has To Follow at Betty Ford

Evan Agostini/ Getty Images

As we all know, well maybe not everybody, just you and me, Lindsay Lohan is in rehab.. again….In case you don’t know, there are some rules that even celebrities have to follow.

–Here are some of the rules Lindsay has to follow . . .

–She can’t have a cell phone.

–She can’t wear sunglasses or hats, because they can be used to hide drugs and / or the effects of drug use.

–She can’t be alone outside the center.  She either has to be with an employee or a fellow patient.

–She can’t have any alcohol-based products, including nail polish remover, hair gel, hairspray or medicines.

–She can leave the center, but only if she’s supervised.  Also, any such field trips have to be earned

–And last, but not least, Lindsay is being drug-tested regularly.

Which other rules do you think celebrities should follow? I got one, no sex with the nurses.. yeah, like Charlie Sheen is going to do that…..


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