Want To Know Why Max Weinberg Won’t Be Team Coco Anymore?

max weinberg Want To Know Why Max Weinberg Won’t Be Team Coco Anymore?

Frank Micelotta/ Getty Images

Conan fans were shocked last week when they found out that bandleader Max Weinberg was not going to start the new season of the show on TBS. Speculations abounded: He is tired of Conan, He is with team Bobo now, Bruce Springsteen is jealous and wants Max exclusively for him. Yesterday Max Weinberg revealed the real story in an interview with FanCast.com

Max Weinberg said that he’s had a heart condition for over two decades that was getting progressively worse.  Two years ago, it became life-threatening, so two weeks after NBC shut down Conan’s “Tonight Show”, he took care of it.Max explained, quote, “On February 8th, I came to the end of a 26-year watchful, waiting odyssey that culminated in 12 hours of massively invasive open heart surgery.”  It was a heart valve replacement, in which his heart needed to be stopped.

He said that it was a “life-changing experience emotionally and spiritually” . . . and that’s when he decided that he wanted to stay with his family on the East Coast.  (–Conan’s new TBS show, like his “Tonight Show”, is based in L.A.)Max added that he’ll “absolutely” be watching the new “Conan” show. 

Question: Which musician would you like to be the bandleader of the new Conan’s show?


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